Cardano Budz Roadmap

March 2021
Cardano Mary Era Begins

On March 1st, 2021, the Mary Era begins on the Cardano Blockchain.  This new era brings the capability to create native assets.

April 2021
Cardano Budz is Conceived

In mid April, Eddie and Huth S0lo conceive the first concepts for Cardano Budz.  Within a couple of days the mascot begins to take shape.

May 2021
First Cardano Budz is brought to Cardano

Wanting to get the brand launched, and with lucky time, the Budz team creates the first Cardano Budz asset.  The May the 4th Promo token is a fungible token with a quantity of 1000.  It is offered up for 2 ada; which is wholy consumed in sending the asset out.

June 2021
More promo tokens release

With the launch still over a month away, and the excitement from the May the 4th, more promo tokens are made.  Each is themed on popular pot themed movie posters, with the Cardano Budz mascot replacing key characters.

Budz team appears on NFT Update Podcast

Just days from launch, Eddie and Huth S0lo are interviewed by Marco on the NFT Update Podcast.  Marco points out that the first series should be called Harvest One.  The name sticks, and all series are renamed to Harvests.  The NFT Update promo token is the first from their Season Two to sell out.

Harvest One Launches

On June 24th, 2021, Cardano Budz launches Harvest One.  A series of 1500 NFT's, sold at 25 Ada each.

July 2021
Captain America Drops

For Fourth of July, Cardano Budz celebrated by dropping the Captain America promo token.

August 2021
DragonBud comes to life

On August 11th, 2021 the DragonBud is finally pulled from the deck.  The Budz team announces that there will be one DragonBud in each harvest, and whoever gets them all, will be awarded a substantial prize.

The last H1 Bud leaves the growhouse

On August 23rd, 2021, the last and final Cardano Budz H1 asset is sold.  This takes place on the heals of launching; likely creating tremendous interest in the niche project.

October 2021

Cardano Budz Embroidered shirts become available, followed by T-Shirts.  Rolling Papers and Stickers are in production.  Future plans for stuffed Budz, Figurines, and branded accesories.

Q4 2021
Harvest Two

The artwork for Harvest Two is nearly completed.  Launch date to be announced mid November.  Expected to launch late November/Early December

Grow your own Adenture

This will be the first project of its kind.  Holders of Both H1 H2 Budz, and are also delegates to the BUDZ stakepool will be able to buy a grow kit.  Delegates of 1000 ada or more will be able to purchase supplies once an epoch.  Once the needed materials are aquired, they will be able to grow their plant.  Their NFT will mature inside their wallet.  Each progression will be created through RNG.  No one will have any knowledge of what any plant will develop to.  Each plant will produce a yield of Cardano Budz ownership shares, and will recieve dividents on future projects.

Q1 2022
Budz Fungible Token ITO

Cardano Budz to release a portion of ownership share tokens for sale.  Each token will be eligible for dividends from future projects.  Top 50 holders will be able to participate in monthly round table discussions for future planning.

Harvest Three

No details have yet been released, but is planned for the first quarter of 2022.

Q4 2022
The first blockchain driven Cannabis Strain

Cardano Bud planned for public release.  Cardano Budz will be creating the first blockchain driven strain of Cannabis; known as Cardano Bud.  It will be available to purchase in any state where Cannabis use is approved.