Real World Prizes

Cardano Budz™ is one of the first Cardano Assets to offer real world prizes along with our Budz Drop tokens.

The Artifact Token will Receive a beautiful piece of glass.

The Three Legendaries will also receive some great glass pieces.

Each Skywalker and Matrix token will receive a Powerhitter.

Each Macho Blades Budz will get a hand crafted knife from one of the partners who created the Cardano Budz Project

Below are some of the images we’ve got from our happy recipients, along with the remaining prizes.  And further below is the needed legal disclaimers.

Still avaiable

No purchase necessary.  Send an email to for a free entry.

To receive a real world prize, you must be over the age of 21, residing in the United States, and living in a location where it is not illegal to receive these items.  Verification will be made prior to shipping.